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Chilled Out Yoga Boss Babe Theme

Soooo want to be this calm, and serene and well dressed, surrounded by beautiful candles, fabulous coffee table books, macarons and coffee...


How to become more of a Boss Babe?

Well juggling everything is often what life feels like.. but the aim is to be a chilled out version of a total Boss Babe.  Mixing it up... Cocktails & Kombucha, family & friends, date nights & chill space, power suits & yoga pants, Bubble bath or sound bath, House music and music in house...


Yoga Boss Babe Themed Digital Products

"​My Most Fabulous Year Planner" 

An undated Digital  Year Planner, to encourage dreaming bigger, goal setting, reviews and tracking, money, health, happiness & habits goals and tracking, space for journaling, travel inspiration… and of course Yearly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily calendars, reminders, to do lists etc

Incudes a big section on Previous Year Review and Goal Setting. Prompts and ideas to help you dig deep into reviewing your previous year, working out what did and didn't work.. and serious Goal Setting as well as tracking your progress for this year.


A few pages from our Chilled Out
Yoga Boss Babe Planners & Workbooks....

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