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Well I thought, why not add some beautiful illustrations to the Digital Stationery?  

Next level - because why not?!!?

So you can organise your life, make it a much much happier experience, make it super fabulous and fun and take the very best care of yourself too... because you completely deserve all of this.

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme

So why not start your day by asking yourself.. "What would Audrey do?"  Imagine living your life like a super star of the silver screen.... 

Fun, Fabulous, Fancy, Fashionable, Fantastic


What if  you lived your life inspired by Audrey ...

Chilled out Yoga Boss Babe

Imagine that you're not only the absolute boss at work but you're also rocking those beautiful clothes, even your yoga kit is super chic.  Your work chill ethic is enviable. Total an utter complete package Chilled out Yoga Boss Babe!!


Maybe this is how you really want to live your life..

Your favourite Cocktails 

So you love a cocktail as much as I do?  

Even the cocktails I don't like to drink.. they still look beautiful.  The glasses, fabulous garnishes, even though cocktail stirrers and paper umbrellas aren't a thing anymore, still  got that classic look!


Cocktails & Dreams

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