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Behind the Brand

Hey lovely,

Me in Cricle (2).png

I'm  Claire

well I guess I should introduce myself...

Elegant Alcohol Glass

the founder of Butterflies and Hurricanes
and Butterflies and Hurricanes Homes

I created B&H because I lost my job in 2005 and it never really made it mainstream as I got another "real job" as my Mum likes to call it (still don't really know what it means - uncreative and a bit sucky perhaps??)!!!  So a couple of businesses on it all went south again... so Voila! Butterflies & Hurricanes is back with gusto - and everything is soo different - but better! 

Originally I sold vintage ladies accessories and vintage dressing table decor (pretty coloured glass jars, hand mirrors, perfume atomisers and bottles...) and I handmade beaded costume jewellery using vintage beads, buttons, bits & bobs! 

Now it's Digital Stationery -  because I absolutely love stationery, especially pretty stuff.

Digital Workbooks - because I've been the workaholic and I've done the work to get more of a "work-life balance" and give myself the self care & kindness I need (most of the time) and I want that for you too.

Digital Wall Art - I hate a boring workspace - it needs to be creative and inspiring for me to get shiz done.  And I love inspiring quotes from fabulous women such as Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Eleanor Roosevelt.

And the Homes part of the business -   Home Staging and property development because it's similar obvs!!! ha ha    I love breathing love and life back into homes too!

So just what is my point?

Why I started making: I was bored of mass produced and had a sewing box of broken jewellery and pretty vintage brooches with broken clasps... gems too precious for the bin and maybe I could make something magical with them??? Surely it was worth trying? And while gave up making heirloom pieces with vintage broken beaded necklaces, we still have that ethos through the business -  it's all about less landfill and more luuurve!  Digital stationery saves paper.. although I do love a paper diary too and I'm definitely a book not kindle reader!!

What are we all about?: One Life - lets make it the very best that we can.  I had life on repeat for a (I'm ashamed to say) few years, lockdowns gave me the push I needed, my business shut and it was time to reboot myself, start dreaming and doing something more fulfilling and that could make a difference.  It might just be happiness workbooks and positive posts at the moment, bright happy sparkly jewellery and anything fun I can find but it's a start.  If I can help one person smile each day - then I've achieved!

Fun Facts!

My Cocktail order: Two mojitos made from scratch with lots of mint! 

Because one just doesn't last long enough!!

Truth: I love cocktails so much that I actually opened a little cocktail bar!!

Kitchen utensil you can't live without: Lemon squeezer! I literally use it every day.

Usually listening to: Podcasts about business, self improvement or inspirational people

or dance music and dancing around the kitchen whilst attempting to cook something!

"I want to scatter some kindness seeds before I go. "

Claire - Butterflies & Hurricanes

If you were an ice cream flavour: Lemon meringue pie!

What would you tell your 14 year old self: Keep going, keep dreaming, keep being different, keep being yourself - because you do matter.

Favourite Quote / statement:  Overthinking will destroy your happiness and your mood. It’ll make everything worse than it actually is. Take a deep breathe, exhale and have faith. What’s meant to be will be.

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