Elegant Alcohol Glass
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I'm  Claire

Well who are we?

the founder of Butterflies and Hurricanes.

Truth: I love cocktails so much that I opened a little cocktail bar!!

I created B&H because I lost my job in 2005 and it never really made it mainstream as I got another "real job"!!!  So a couple of businesses on it all went south again... so Voila! Butterflies & Hurricanes is back with gusto - and everything is soo different - but better! 

I'm Maude

Knitting Needles

I'm made of wool and some darned good stuffing.

Most asked question: Yes I do come alive at night but I also chat to Claire in the daytime, it's all in her head - flipping weirdo!!!!!

Anyway I'm the brains of the biz - obvs!!!

So just what is our point?

Why I started making: I was bored of mass produced and had a sewing box of broken jewellery and pretty vintage brooches with broken clasps... gems too precious for the bin and maybe I could make something magical with them??? Surely it was worth trying? And while I make less of this now and more rethreading of vintage broken beaded necklaces, it's all about less landfill and more luuurve!

What are we all about?: One Life - lets make it the very best that we can.  I had life on repeat for a (I'm ashamed to say) few years, lockdowns gave me the push I needed, my business shut and it was time to reboot myself, start dreaming and doing something more fulfilling and that could make a difference.  It might just be happiness workbooks and positive posts at the moment, bright happy sparkly jewellery and anything fun I can find but it's a start.  If I can help one person smile each day - then I've achieved!

"I want to scatter some kindness seed before I go. "

Claire - Butterflies & Hurricanes