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Why Digital Workbooks? - because I've been the workaholic and I've done the work to get more of a "work-life balance" and give myself the self care & kindness I need (most of the time) and I want that for you too.

Our Workbooks offer ideas to help you essentially live a happier life that you really love.

Whether it's a Happiness, Self Care or Goal Setting Workbook.. ultimately  all roads lead to seeking a happier and more joyful existence.  They include some ideas and exercises that really helped me get to a happier brighter place.  Remember you really do matter.  One Life - make it count!


So what's it all about?

Little Book of Happiness Workbook 

It starts with ideas, prompts, tips & tricks to help you become happier!!

Creating habits because planning happy into your life is the only way to make it happen. 

Little steps every day, slow and steady wins the race and many more phrases but if you can make happy thoughts/ actions/ affirmations into your daily routine then you should really strike gold!! 

And tracking those habits/ routines and of course the results, this way you can see how far you've progressed and celebrate how well you've done too.  

And then there's the Journal section - because writing it down can really help to work it out.  

Little Book of Self Care Workbook 

Starting with ideas, prompts, tips & tricks to help you with your Self Care & Happiness.

Then it takes a similar thread to the Happiness Workbook.....

Habits - planning happy into routine really helps it happen.

Happy Trackers - Track how well you're doing & celebrate your progress.

Journal - it can really help to get it out of your head and onto paper - even digital form!

Goal Setting & Getting Workbook 

It starts with reviewing your previous year(s) so you can dig deep on what you did well, what you wish to change/improve... then you can go as deep as you like on the goal setting.  There are lots of prompts, ideas and different ways & worksheets to try - or omit - it's your workbook!

Then there are trackers and sheets for tracking & reporting your progress and most importantly - Celebrating your wins!!!

Our Workbooks

Audrey Happiness Digital Book_1.jpg

Happiness Workbook

Self Care Workbook_1.jpg

Self Care Workbook

Goal Setting Digital Version_1.jpg

Goal Setting Workbook

What's the difference?

We offer "Digital" and "Printable" options on many of our workbooks.

Digital Version  - This is for use on an iPad or Tablet on an editing app such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf etc and ideally with an iPencil or stylus.   

It's a digital version of a paper planner but it is also an interactive PDF!  It usually has tabs that you click on so  you can flick to different sections like you might in a folder with tabs. 

Printable Version  - This is for you to download and print off at home or take to a printers for them to print it for you.  Print sizes are usually A4 and US Letter.

a bit more...

The Workbooks are saved as a PDF file for you to download- rather than a physical copy being posted to you.  This way is an immediate download (after payment of course!!) and you can also reuse, reprint again & again (for personal use only though!!).

Much more detailed information about the contents of each workbook, how to purchase, download etc are in the Etsy listings. Just search for the product that you're interested in.  Thank you x

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