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Happiness is something that most of us want but sometimes life gets a bit too much.  We are planning to create some lovely things to make life a bit easier, less stressful, create more smiles..  just like our Happiness Workbooks.  After all, shouldn't we be living our best life?

- Claire @ Butterflies and Hurricanes

I created a Little Book of Happiness Workbook 

It includes Sections on

Happiness, shocking I know!!

Happy Habits - planning happy into routine really helps it happen.

Happy Trackers - Track how well you're doing & celebrate your progress.

Journal - writing it down can really help to work it out.

Audrey Happiness Digital Book_1.jpg

Happiness Workbooks....

Becoming happier is an intention - if you’re not surrounded by happiness then sometimes you have to make your own! Of course you know that a smile is infectious - and isn’t it lovely to pass a smile on. Remember you can fake it till you make it.
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