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Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme

Audrey Hepburn inspired planners and workbooks for a happier more organised life.  Be more Audrey.


What would Audrey do?


Ever imagine what your life could be like if you lived life channelling one of the Classic Beauties of the Silver Screen?? If you chose to reimagine daily decisions by asking yourself .. “What would Audrey do?”. Could life be happier, more glamorous, more charming, quite simply darling!


An impeccable designer wardrobe may not be available to us but why not dig out that pretty brooch, wear the bright red lipstick, don’t save the best French parfum for best – make everyday a special occasion! Could we add a little more classic or vintage style, grace and elegance à la Audrey?

And we can always treat others to our megawatt smile that is so infectious that it simply has to be passed on. Audrey Hepburn captivated the world with her style, charm, and grace. But in addition to her unmistakable beauty and effortless style, she was a truly beautiful and compassionate person inside and out. 

Audrey Inspired Digital Products

"​My Most Fabulous Year Planner" 

An undated Digital  Year Planner, to encourage dreaming bigger, goal setting, reviews and tracking, money, health, happiness & habits goals and tracking, space for journaling, travel inspiration… and of course Yearly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily calendars, reminders, to do lists etc

Incudes a big section on Previous Year Review and Goal Setting. Prompts and ideas to help you dig deep into reviewing your previous year, working out what did and didn't work.. and serious Goal Setting as well as tracking your progress for this year.


A few pages from The Audrey Inspired
Happiness Workbook....

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