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Goal Setting 

Goal Setting isn't just something we could or should be doing in January - you should start whenever you're ready.  And it's a good idea to track how you're getting on, then you can celebrate the wins or course correct if you're a bit off track.  Our workbooks include end of month and end of 1/4 review sheets too.

Goal Setting & Getting Workbook 

It starts with reviewing your previous year(s) so you can dig deep on what you did well, what you wish to change / improve... then you can go as deep as you like on the goal setting.  There are lots of prompts, ideas and different ways & worksheets to try - or omit - it's your workbook!

Then there are trackers and sheets for tracking & reporting your progress and most importantly - Celebrating your wins!!!

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Our Goal Setting Workbooks


Printable Workbook

Fabulous Year Cover

COVERPrintable-Goal Setting-Workbook.jpg

Printable Version 

with Yoga Boss Babe Cover

Goal Setting Digital Version_1.jpg

Digital  Version 

What's the difference?

We offer "Digital" and "Printable" options on many of our workbooks.

Digital Version  - This is for use on an iPad or Tablet on an editing app such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf etc and ideally with an iPencil or stylus.   

It's a digital version of a paper planner but it is also an interactive PDF!  It usually has tabs that you click on so  you can flick to different sections like you might in a folder with tabs. 

Printable Version  - This is for you to download and print off at home or take to a printers for them to print it for you.  Print sizes are usually A4 and US Letter.

a bit more...

The Workbooks are saved as a PDF file for you to download- rather than a physical copy being posted to you.  This way is an immediate download (after payment of course!!) and you can also reuse, reprint again & again (for personal use only though!!).

Much more detailed information about the contents of each workbook, how to purchase, download etc are in the Etsy listings.   Thank you x

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