Happiness is something that most of us want but sometimes life gets a bit too much.  We are planning to create some lovely things to make life a bit easier, less stressful, create more smiles..  just like our Happiness Workbooks.  After all, shouldn't we be living our best life?

Claire - Butterflies & Hurricanes

"Happiness turned to me and said, ‘It is time. It is time to forgive yourself for all of the things you did not become. It is time to exonerate yourself for all the people you couldn’t save, for all the fragile hearts you fumbled with in the dark of your confusion. It is time, child, to accept that you don’t have to be who you were a year ago, that you don’t have to want the same things. Above all else, it is time to believe, with reckless abandon, that you are worthy of me, for I have been waiting for years."

Bianca Sparacino
Happy Couple
“There are people who have money and people who are rich.”
-Coco Chanel

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