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The Gift of Giving .. to yourself

Christmas or any family holiday can be a tricky time to navigate and as much as it should be a time to give thanks and be grateful for what & who we have in our lives.. lets be honest, it’s come a long way since the 3 Kings bearing gifts – now it’s so often an over spend, over eat, over indulge on the Prosecco, chocolates, mince pies, bad TV an now Netflix series binge.

Anyone else have present guilt?? It’s full spectrum for me – I spent too much (I’m out of funds), I’m going to handmake my gifts (to be err more thoughtful and save money -yes again this year) yet I could actually have bought something ready done for less cash/time / ease. Plus I also know I’ll run out of time, not have all the materials / ingredients, eat most of the treats before they get delivered.

Oh well.. isn’t it the thought that counts??!!! Or so they say!

Then there’s the – “I didn’t think we were exchanging gifts this year?!”, the “oh you shouldn’t have” - no really I wish you hadn’t ha ha – straight to the Charity Shop – do not pass Go, kind of gift. My last was actually last Christmas and a sleepy puppy money box – I’m not eight years old and where the heck am I supposed to display it?? Anyway a puppy is not just for Christmas – and so he went to a lovely new home where he was cherished.

Ever given/received something that you know was an unwanted gift from someone else oops! – but actually why not. If I had my way our family would buy for one person and have a fixed amount – but Mother won’t allow that. She really loves to buy. I’d prefer to go one better and get that gift from a charity shop / or give to a charity of their choice. Our family are all grown up and we really don’t need any more well meaning but unneeded gifts.

I’ve been thinking about presents over the years – the book voucher my brother got & asked Mum (in front of the gift giver) if she would use it and give him the money for some Lego instead (oooh awkward!!) or the Auntie that would by me clothes that would have fitted me if I was 4 years younger (bless her though) and I still wrote a lovely thank you letter, writing on 2 sides of my best writing paper.

Anyway that’s my therapy over!!

Well this year might be quite different with all of the crazy stuff that’s going on. But there’s enough of that in the News.. what I want to talk about is actually the gift of giving - to yourself first.

Self care, self worth, self love, self first. Give to yourself first. No actual physical gifts required, you don’t need to spend money, just spend some time – with yourself.

Carve out 2 minutes.. then grow it to 5. Out of 1,440 minutes in a day – do you think you’re worth that? I hope you’re thinking that’s too little & get intentional / selfish / enjoy 10 minutes pure lil ole me time!! Your cup runneth over for everyone else – and you can’t pour from an empty teapot. It’s time to refill, replenish, give some of that back to yourself.

If you struggle with this, try to see yourself through the eyes of your best friends, your partner, people who love you – they love you and want you to look after yourself – then you can be there for each other. You don’t want to be so exhausted that you don’t really get to enjoy your time, you fall asleep as soon as the dinner is over.. you’re snappy with the grandkids.. you’re not hungry as you spent so much time prepping & cooking… you’re always clearing up after everyone… your presents are still under the tree as you been so busy giving out the gifts and tidying, cleaning up, feeding, nurturing everyone else. Does any of this sound familiar?

So what can you do, to help yourself?

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” - Audrey Hepburn

And what can I fit into 2 minutes or 5 / 10 minutes??

Journal / Morning Pages – Write down how you’re feeling, let it spill out onto the page. It’s purpose is to let you know what is really going on inside, help release the frustrations and help find solutions too. Tear up the pages afterwards and you can even burn them – an extra level of letting go. You should feel a whole lot lighter afterwards.

Positive Mantras / Affirmations / Positive Post it notes – Say them out loud, in your head, write them on mirrors, stick them in your wallet, on your front door for when you leave, in your diary… Read /speak these powerful words every day and see how much more empowered you start to feel and quickly too!

Spending Time in Nature will do wonders for your body, mind & soul. Ok so can you get outside for 5 mins? Or watch beautiful scenes on YouTube or close your eyes & dream about your very own paradise place. Of course you will need to get creative unless you can treat yourself to a real walk & look for Nature’s miracles, oh and also look for hearts – anything heart shaped.

Gift Yourself 5 Minutes a Day I have a freebie for you that can help you with some ideas on starting your 5 minutes a day routine. This is a simple to do, not fuss, no cost -12 days, 12 tips, 5 minutes a day to help you realise how wonderful you are, you're remarkable, irreplaceable, fabulously unique and you matter so much. Go one, give yourself a little gift xx

Please look after yourself this Christmas and the rest of the year too of course - even if it's only 5 minutes a day. You matter, you are important, you are worthy. You can't give to others if you don't give to yourself because there will be nothing left.

Merry Festive Season Gorgeous,

Claire xxx

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