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Self Love isn’t Selfish! You Matter x

So one of my business missions is to help empower women to live and love themselves and their lives. To help them get their sparkle back, to find their wings, to shine bright… because we too easily dim our light to let others shine brighter and we are often guilty of putting everyone above ourselves and then there’s no time or energy or love or money left for us. Now I’ve heard, well that’s just the way it is – as a reason.. but it shouldn’t be. And oh well I’m a mum / they couldn’t manage without me / but I don’t mind really…

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

So why are we leaving ourselves to the very last? Why do we give everything to everyone else – and sometimes others who should know better, can manage themselves, don’t deserve our time..

We know that we can’t pour from an empty teapot – so why are we still trying?

Why are we playing the fool to make others laugh, dumbing down to make others look smarter, dimming our light to let others shine – or letting them take our sparkle?

Well the harsh reality is that we have to make ourselves accountable for this – we are choosing to give away our power. You might already know this, but it might still trigger you. And while you’re right, I don’t know your circumstances – you also know that you are the only one that can undo this wrong.

You do deserve to love yourself – heck even like yourself – just get there first! And you do deserve to put yourself first – or even aim for top 3! It’s not selfish, it doesn’t make you a narcissist, or evil, horrible, self centred, uncaring, a bad mum / sister / daughter / friend / partner….

The truth is when you look after yourself, even a little bit, life generally gets a little bit better and a little easier and a few more smiles and that makes even more smiles.

with love, Claire x

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