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Natures Magic Show

One of my favourite things as a grown up is enjoying the miracles of nature. As a kid I suppose I did see nice flowers, baby lambs, loved a spectacular sunset and all that but I didn’t necessarily notice incredible cloud formations and appreciate the colours and the patterns and the way that snowdrops would suddenly appear or buds that would open and put on the most incredible show of fragile beauty.

Now I choose to look and savour it for a moment – it’s another simple but powerful mindfulness practice. Do you love to hear the patter of rain on certain types of roofs? Definitely preferable when you’re in the dry though!! Listening to the waves crashing on the shore is so calming for me.

Have you noticed that when you’re caught up in the sights, sounds, smells of nature’s magic that everything feels a little better, life slows a little, maybe a little smile appears, sometimes the sun comes out from behind a cloud. It’s Nature’s Magic Show and it’s just for you, so please notice, please enjoy, please take the time for you because it’s calming and healing and the anti-stress that your body mind and soul is craving.

Post that picture, tell your friend what of nature’s miracle you enjoyed today & how it made you feel – it’s just as powerful sharing it xx

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