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Is there such a thing as too nice??!!

So I grew up with a million mantras including

"It's nice to be nice" “It’s better to give than receive” – not so sure about the second one.. but everything in moderation – including moderation!!

Still true, it is nice to be nice but after many many years of putting myself last; laster than last to be honest. And I eventually got thinking that I'd like something nice for me too.

Ok so some people (we give to, love, look after) think well that's what Mums do, or friends, or daughters.. but if you're still reading then I'm guessing you're a 100% all in, go above and beyond, even the little things they'll never know you've done for them kind of nice.

And you don't give to receive, in fact you probably find receiving difficult, awkwardness receiving gifts, complements, even thanks sometimes (crazy but true – you down play it.. oh it was nothing). You give to the very best of your abilities all of the time but have you ever secretly wished that someone would give back to you in the same way? Ok I’m not pretending that we are in the Mother Teresa category but we just believe that "It's nice to be nice"! Oh and we can’t stop doing it either, or operate at 80% because then we feel guilty and have to make amends for goodness sake!!!!!!!!

So, you’re a people pleaser, you put everyone else first, it’s ingrained, and it’s not a bad thing, it doesn’t hurt anyone – else. But it can seriously drain your batteries. And it can make you feel invisible and a little under appreciated. Plus you could definitely do with slowing down and a little bit of "Me Time".

Soooo, what’s our plan?? Well, how about a little bit of “me time”? Start small, little steps, try it on, see how it fits. Take it slowly, too much would be too much of a shock, too outside your comfort zone.

That’s why I thought, if we could find carve out 5 minutes a day.

Yes you can skip a day – but try not to, you’re only cheating yourself!!

Little simple things, just to gently ease ourselves into it.

Because if it takes a skincare commercial to tell us we’re worth it – well maybe that’s exactly the sign we were looking for!

So it’s free, I do ask for your email address but you can unsubscribe if I’m not your cup of tea.

Nothing ventured…

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