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Glass half full??... Can you turn a negative into a positive?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Sometimes it’s really hard to be a positive person.

Sometimes life seems to be kicking you in the teeth over and over again. Life is just meh!

But have you realised that when you’re in a happy super good mood, everything’s going my wayyyy (sounds like a song!). Even the naff stuff doesn’t get to you and generally everything is pretty darned good anyway.

marvin-meyer-on unsplash

Take today – the need to get to my exercise classes was greater than the worry about my car exhaust falling off (I had the advantage of knowing it was happening soon)… so I took the chance and drove cautiously – and yes, the exhaust did fall off, well ½ off and I had to root through my boot to find tools to help me pull the rest of it off. Exhaust loaded into the boot of the car & off we trundle 10 minutes late for the class. Now I have a very understanding Pilates teacher for starters but I was also pleased that I’d been able to temporarily fix the job without waiting 60mins for the AA to turn up & do it for me. But I was also filled with the mini pat on the back that I’d resolved this myself (ok with a phone call to the boyfriend who assured me I could do it) – however it wasn’t as simple as he suggested – sorry (not sorry) another little pang of self gratification there (insert strong emoji!!!)

But I did also realise that as I was pulling over with breakdown lights flashing; the van behind started indicating & I thought that they must be offering to help me – nope!! - errr Claire - No ones coming to save you… but it’s ok – you got this! So I cracked on and counted my blessings & had gratitude for the fact that it was a quiet time on the road, I could pull over to fix it, I wasn’t wearing a skirt!!! it wasn’t raining…

Some days it’s easier to see from the glass half full perspective & that’s a really lovely place to be.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

But what about those darker days??

Well I do find that journaling / writing down what is actually getting me wound up / grumpy / snappy, that really helps to get the ball rolling.

I ask myself questions:

· Is what I think is getting to me actually real or shiz I’ve made up?

· If I’ve made it up – I’m calling myself out & getting on with the day.

· If it’s a real thing / problem / issue - Can I do anything about it?

· If the answer is no – then offer it out into the Universe to deal with & get on with the day.

· If yes – go fix it!!

Ok so I still can’t shake the bad mood…

Can you go for a walk, get out in nature, play your favourite songs, do some exercise.. all things that should be able to uplift your mood, pattern interrupt the naff day & give you a chance to restart the day happier.

“You gotta look for the good in the bad, the happy in the sad,

the gain in your pain, and what makes you grateful not hateful.”

– Karen Salmansohn

And another focus I found really helpful; when something went wrong:

What is it that the Universe / God / Life (insert your option) trying to teach me?

· I guess my lesson was – if you override your intuition then no amount of wishful thinking will keep that exhaust hanging on!!

· But… when it comes off – you are more than capable of dealing with the situation. #yougotthis

· No one is coming to save you – so be your own hero!!!! #womanpower

Sometimes just trying to see the situation from a different perspective can really help – is it really that bad?

Image: marvin-meyer-on unsplash

Consider that every breath is a chance to begin your day again.

And if all else fails – take that glass half full and fill it up with your favourite beverage and take 5 minutes to chill!

With love, Claire x

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