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Daily Self Kindness could Completely change your life!

All it takes is a few minutes a day - Out of 1,440 minutes in a day – do you think you’re worth that?

Research has shown that learning to be kind to yourself as a daily – action / practice / nice thing to do is shown to have the single biggest impact on your purpose, your happiness, your meaning..

When you think about it, it’s not really all that surprising is it. If you’re anything like me, you grew up thinking that other people were more important, more worthy, more special. Well it’s taken me forever to work it out but News Flash – that is complete and utter BS with bells on! So often we are taught to put others first, to be the kind ones, the care givers, and whilst that isn’t necessarily wrong, it certainly got misinterpreted somewhere along the way or just blown out of proportion.

We can still give to others – and balance it by giving to ourselves. We can help others – but we must help ourselves too. Just as when we truly learn to love ourselves, then we can really receive the love of others and really feel worthy of that love.

So it all starts with a little bit of self kindness. Yes as it happens I have a freebie for you that can help you with some ideas on starting your 5 minutes a day routine. This is a simple to do, not fuss, no cost -12 days, 12 tips, 5 minutes a day to help you realise how wonderful you are, and how much you need a little bit of “you time” a little break, a little bit of self kindness.

All of the nice things that you do for others – well what if you did a little of that for yourself? We so often treat and talk to ourselves in a way that we wouldn’t even to someone we hated! You wouldn’t say those things to your best friend or your child – and it really isn’t acceptable to speak to yourself like that.

Consider it “self-bullying”. Imagine if someone called you out for being a bully – wow, that would really hurt and of course you would defend yourself and you would never bully anyone else… so why do we consider it’s ok to do that to ourselves?

Anyway my hope is to shock you out of those mean words and unworthiness and swap for a moment of calm and kind, words of support, maybe forgiveness even, and maybe “I’m doing the very best I can today” is a leap in the direction of a happier, healthier, calmer you.

If you are setting intentions for the New Year.. then let it be a little bit Kinder to Self – every day – just a few kind words, words of encouragement, forgiveness, positivity, smile at yourself in the mirror, hug yourself – anything you like… just a little step every day Because little steps will take you a very long way.

Happy New Year Gorgeous,

Claire xxx

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