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Be your own best friend

So why not? It’s not a sad or lonely thing – it’s being your own Cheerleader, your No.1 fan (not in a creepy Kathy Bates in Misery way!!). Nobody knows how hard you work, all the “extra” you do, how you go above and beyond every day, the nice things that you do for others, that they would only notice if you stopped!

So back to you – what if you gave yourself a little of that magic, kindness, time to self?

One of the best things I learned recently was “Tell yourself a better lie” - Marisa Peer. It’s actually the title of her book – which is on my ever growing “to read” list!). So tell yourself a better lie. If you are telling yourself all that BS – oh I’m too old, too young, under/over qualified, one would listen to me, I’m too shy, I’m too talkative…. Yawn! So if we a lying to ourselves already – why not tell a better lie? Well I’m shy but a little bit brave, just brave enough…

Or there’s another way – call yourself out on the BS. Ask yourself “Is that true?”

I’ve done nothing today – I’m so useless. – Ask “Is that true?” Surely you’ve done something, probably a little of something that is helping you to achieve whatever you are aiming for??? Ponder more over it, dig a little deeper. Did you actually get something finished? Did you do something nice for yourself or others… did you actually have quite a few small wins???

Hopefully you see how that could work. Please do try it because it really turns your BS on it’s head. Negative chatter can be replaced with a little well done, small win, I did achieve after all, actually I did quite a bit today. Maybe even a little Self Gratitude might show up too!! Yeah crazy right?

Do let me know if you love this and it empowers you – it’s a complete game changer for me. Oh and like everything, it’s not a one time fix – the more you practice the quieter that BS voice becomes and sometimes it even has the day off!!

So if you fancy some more tips, tricks, ideas, tried & tested.. I have a Self Care & Kindness Challenge for you to try. It’s a simple 5 minutes a day (more if you can) for 12 days – and a further 30 days of ideas if you are loving it – and most importantly seeing some fabulous results.

Go on, you really are worth it – and it’s free, just takes your time & commitment.

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