Handmade Jewellery

The business was created to try and reuse and incorporate broken bits & bobs and unusual things into our jewellery.  Not every piece still carries this theme as we have made a crazy amount of jewellery over the years and we hope that it is still living and being loved somewhere out there.

We like to include a vintage and recycled beads that may be from broken necklaces, bead boxes, old jewellery boxes and beads that need to be re-strung. 

We do this because we quite frankly don't like waste, reviving something is much more satisfying. 


This does mean that not all beads for example are perfect and may have taken on a patina of a vintage age or have some wear & tear - we will do our best to photograph these imperfections so that you are aware of them.  We like to think that this keeps the history and adds character to each piece.