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​The Butterfly Promise


Our promise to you is that we will create unusual one off pieces, handmade, hand knitted and hand embellished in lil' ole Norfolk.
We recycle and re-use as much as possible. We don't like anything to go to waste.

Each and every item is a one off, as unique as you are.

We create all sorts of things from jewellery, accessories, gifts, candles.... we can't help trying new ideas.  
We recycle, up-cycle, bicycle (just kidding I'm too lazy) and generally revive lovely things wherever we can.  

The Story

Butterflies & Hurricanes was set up to dress lovely people in extraordinary clothing and accessories without huge expense or travelling to deepest darkest Peru to source them.

Don't get me wrong; I love the high street fashions, I just don't like to see loads of other people wearing the same thing as me. Maybe it's just a girly fashion thing but I like to look a bit different and rock my own style - that might only be on the days where I get up in time to do so .... but hey, the thought is there he he x

The business got a whole lot more exciting when we decided to include jewellery and vowed to use sparkly bits and pieces of vintage, antique or revamped items in all of our creations.