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Butterflies and Hurricanes

Better  life  and  Happiness

Butterflies and Hurricanes is all about creating beautiful things for beautiful people.

Ultimately what we really want is to create and share smiles, spread happiness, add a sprinkling of self love and a huge helping of self care & kindness.  

My Most Fabulous Digital Planner (4).png

What we Create...

Digital stationery for a happier more organised life.
  • We created Digital Planners to help you get more organised, calmer, more joyful and relaxed.

  • Digital Workbooks to help live a happier more fulfilled life putting self care first and foremost. 

  • Positivity Postcards to help keep you upbeat and .. positive!

  • Printable Bunting to help celebrate that One, wonderful life - your most fabulous life!!

     and now we have also created...

  • Printable Wall Art to add some extra va va voom to your room!!

Freebies for you x

Self Care isn't Selfish

Do you put everyone else first?     Do you do everything for everyone?

Are you super lovely to everyone?     

Are you exhausted / burnt out, no time for you because you're always giving?

Could you do with being nicer to yourself?      Could you love yourself more?

If the answer to any of these is Yes,  then I've got just the thing for you -

It's simple, easy, fun and free!!

All it requires from you is just 5 minutes a day for 12 days.

and if you love it there are 30 more ideas for 30 more days - make it into a routine.

Because you know you deserve it xxx

Self Care and Kindness Challenge (2).jpg
Goal Setting Freebie (1).png

Free Guide to Goal Setting & Goal Getting 

Ever wondered why some areas of your life just seem to work out.. whiles others completely suck?!!

Maybe your love life isn’t too shabby but boy could you use some help attracting/receiving/getting more money!   

Maybe you already set your New Year’s Resolutions.. maybe you don’t even bother, because what’s the point – aren’t you’re setting yourself up to fail anyway?

But have you tried Goal Setting?? There’s more to it and it’s a whole lot more positive and achievable than just proclaiming a resolution with no back up or action plan.

So we have created a couple of Goal Setting and Getting workbooks for you to try… one is a freebie too – so you could ease your way in.. what have you got to lose??

Our Products

I'm a little bit obsessed with digital stationery (err and actual physical stationery too)!  However it has to be pretty as well as super functional.   It started out with Planners, which grew into positivity postcards and printable bunting - well I had to make my desk space look pretty, inspiring, creative and add super positive vibes.

I've been creating planners to get your life onto the next level of super fabulousness and workbooks to help get happier and better at self care & self love.  I created these out of my self development and inner work - oooh you can feel the "woo woo" can't you!!  So all are tried and tested on myself & my friends!!

Image by Aron Visuals

What is Digital Stationery?

Our Digital stationery can be used just how you would use physical stationery ​but it is created to be used on an iPad or Tablet with an editing app such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, Notability etc and ideally with an iPencil or stylus.  Generally they are downloadable as PDFs.  So less need for paper and carrying around diaries, journals etc.

However some of our digital stationery items can be printed onto paper and or used on your computer or phone too... whatever best suits your needs x

So far we have created Digital Workbooks, Planners, Notebooks, Journals, E-books, Checklists, Positivity Postcards and even Bunting!

“So incredibly cute!! I love the positive, uplifting spirit of these items! Thank you so much! You are very talented!!"

Stephanie - Etsy

Rose Wine Glasses


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