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Giving old stuff a new life

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Well that's about it!  It's better than landfill.

Giving old stuff a new life.

Welcome to Butterflies and Hurricanes 

We're all about giving old stuff a new life. 

Retro, random, vintage, handmade... 

Furniture, home accessories, jewellery...

Well that's about it!  It's definitely better than landfill!

And obviously we like to sell that stuff too

We like to make different things, usually one offs - just things that take our fancy.  Home Bars are our fun favorites at the moment, whether you have a Man Cave or created space in your kitchen or living room for some cocktail creating or Gin & Tonic O'Clock.


Home Office Furniture

Wooden Bed

Boudoir Furniture

Food and Drink

Home Dining

She's Whiskey in a teacup!

Re-loved Pianos

Some pianos have come to the end of their classical life...

and now it's time for them to party!!

Well they do make a rather unusual...

Piano Bar, Coffee Station, Home Desk.

This one is not quite finished and will definitely be a home bar with glass racks and a serve a wide selection of Jack Daniel's.

It's Gin O'clock... somewhere!

So why Home Bars & Cocktails

A hefty obsession with cocktails and bars, I collected cocktail stirrers as a child (not enough to sell sadly) but I loved the posters, the menus and the exotic names of the cocktails  (luckily I was very naïve!). 

Since then decided that I'd try running a bar and creating cocktails.. so I have experience and the passion!

Home drinking wasn't always the norm / ok...

in the 50's - think Mad Men - cocktail cabinets... Pre dinner drinks.

Early 1980's - dinner party with one bottle of red, one white (probably sweet German white)

 Lockdown has created something completely new, pubs, bars, clubs closed.  Man caves have become a necessity rather than luxury!!  Home bar? Why not.

Anyway we have decided to make / upcycle / sell a few bar items and share some of our favourite cocktail recipes....

It's beginning to look a lot like Cocktails


Everyone has that hidden talent talent they don't know about until the Tequila is poured!

Smoky Drink

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