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All about living your most fun & fabulous life

Welcome to Butterflies and Happiness!

We're all about living a happier life, sending positive vibes out into the world and just being kinder to ourselves and others.

One Life - let's make it fun & fabulous!

We Love it when a plan comes together!!

Plan Do Review

I designed this planner to get my own life out of the dullness and drudgery and into a happy, sunshine place.  I quit the job that I didn’t enjoy, started getting my creativity back and learned new skills – like designing this planner (which I loved creating).  It took daily progress but I’ve become a much happier version of myself – someone with big dreams and a passion for life. 

One Life! 

Might as make it My Most Fabulous Life!

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Giving old stuff a new life.

Welcome to Butterflies and Upcycling

We're all about giving old stuff a new life. 

Retro, random, vintage, handmade... 

Furniture, home accessories, jewellery...

Well that's about it!  It's definitely better than landfill!

Re-loved Pianos

Some pianos have come to the end of their classical life...

and now it's time for them to party!!

Well they do make a rather unusual...

Piano Bar, Coffee Station, Home Desk.

This one is not quite finished and will definitely be a home bar with glass racks and a serve a wide selection of Jack Daniel's.

Festival Fun

Love is Love